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Mlac:WR and Mlac:SD

Common name Mlac:WR and Mlac:SD
Scientific name Rattus norvegicus

Wistar and Sprague Dawley

Source Denmark
Coat color  Albino
Biological Data  
Adult body weight

Male 250 – 300 g, Female  180-220 g

Average life span 2-3 years
Age at start mating

Male 8-10 weeks, Females 8-10 weeks

Estrous cycle 4 - 5 days
Duration of estrus

9 - 20 hours

Gestation period 19-22 days
Weaning age 19-22 days
Litter size 9-11 pups
Normal birth weight 5-6 g
Weaning weight 45-65 g
Food consumption 15-30 g/day (Adult)
Water consumption

20-45 ml/day (Adult)

Eyes open

10-14 days

Ears open

12-14 days

Hair coat 8-9 days

10, 3 Pairs on the thorax, 2 Pairs on the abdomen.


Growth  rate  

Breeding system
            Maximum avoidance of inbreeding mating system is applied in Mlac:WR and Mlac:SD rats strains for maintenance in foundation stock and random mating system is used for production in production stock.

           The rats are housed in controlled environment. The ventilation, temperature and humidity are controlled by HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, Air conditioning) system. They are controlled at :

- Temperature range of about 22 ± 2

- Relative humidity range of about 55 + 10%

- Air changes per hour 10-20 ACH

- Light: dark cycle 12:12 hours

- The rat are sensitive to noise so the noise level should be maintained less than 85 db.

Provision of Feed and water
           The rats are fed on commercial diet (No. CP 082) produced by Perfect companion group co. Ltd. The manufacturer which milled the feed according to our requested specifications. Food is provided ad libitum in stainless steel wire- bar lid feeders. The chlorinated RO Water is provided as drinking water (chlorine concentration 5-6 ppm) which is  free from Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Water provided to animals by bottles with sipper tubes.

          Dried Water Hyacine and Corn Cob used for mice as bedding material. The same bedding is used in shipping containers. Dried bedding is packed in 3 layers brown paper bags and sterilized by autoclave at 135 C for 7 minutes before used.



               Various sizes of cages are used in different purpose of breeding process.

Dimensions of Enclosure(inches)

Maximum Number Animals/ Enclosure

Types of Enclosure
And  Description


3 animals (pregnant 1 wk)/cage

Stainless steel cages with
Stainless steel wire-bar lid


1 animal (pregnant 2-3 wks)/cage

Stainless steel cages with
Stainless steel wire-bar lid


1 Female + litter / cage

Polycarbonate cages with
Stainless steel wire-bar lid


1 Female + litter / cage

Stainless steel cages with
Stainless steel wire-bar lid


10 animal/cage

Stainless steel cages with
Stainless steel wire-bar lid

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