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Veterinary Program

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Attending Veterinarians (AVs)
Attending veterinarians (AVs) have responsible for animal’s health and well being and management of Veterinary Medical Care programs followed Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals (NRC, 1996). The programs consist of 5 considerate topics.
1. Preventive Medicine program
1.1 Quarantine and Acclimatize program
Newly received animals have been separation from established colony until determined health. Quarantine and Acclimatize program use for minimizes the chance for contaminated to established colony.
1.2 Husbandry practice and animal room’s environment inspection
The inspection program depends on microbial status of animals.

1.3 Sick animal management and Diagnosis
All animals which express sign of illness, death and injury, must be necropsy to find out the cause and preventive method.

2. Animal Health Surveillance

AVs have responsible for Animal Health Monitoring program including health surveillance and disease control, Animal psychological well-being and care.

3. Animal Procurement and Transportation<
Potential vendors evaluated for the quality of animals supplied byAVs. All transport animals planned to minimize stress and followed to Laboratory Animal Science Association (LASA)’s guideline and The International Air Transport Association (IATA)’s guideline.

4. Euthanasia

AVs consider proper euthanasia methods. The methods have been consistently with the Report of the AVMA Panel on Euthanasia (2007).
5. Occupational Health and Safety of personnel
An Occupational Health and Safety Program cover the overall activities including animal breeding’s colony and laboratory facilities. The program emphasizes on maintaining a safe
and healthy workplace. In addition, regularly training and education involving personal health and safety are also provided. For example, zoonosis, PPE usage, etc.
6. Other trainings : monthly which are :
• Zoonosis 1 (inThai)
•Zoonosis 2 (inThai)
•Animal Health Surveillance (Brieftly) (inThai)

•Sick animal management (inThai)
•Basic biological data of laboratory animal (inThai)