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Quality Control

Written by Super User. Posted in QualityControl

          NLAC- MU Monitoring System includes genetic, health, environment, and biological products quality control were primary to ensure that the animals and biological products are maintained in a standard status.
1. Genetic and Health Monitoring

          To assure the quality of our laboratory animals, monitoring system is followed the concepts of ICLAS and FELASA. Our monitoring system has been improved to clarify animal’s genetic quality, and microbiological status with specified list of pathogens and recommended methods which are Serological testing, Cultivation methods, and Microscopic examination. The intensive monitoring program have also been extended to physiological quality control as hematology and blood chemistry  which in terms resulted in a good reference information for biomedical research that uses animals from the Center.

2. Environmental Monitoring
          General environmental monitoring includes temperature, humidity, ventilation, and dark/light cycle are routinely checked in each animal facility. Materials and equipments for animals production includes feed, water, bedding, cages, equipment, and air samples are routinely checked for physical and microbiological monitoring
3. Biological Product Control
          Biological products includes prepared plated media, animals blood and its product are involved in the quality control system based on hematological, physical appearance, and microbiological check.