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What We Do

To be excellent in laboratory animal production, supplying laboratory animals, providing testing,

quality monitoring and researches to promote welfare of laboratory animals and support quality of life for humans.

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Mini Clean Room

Medical Grade - Controlled Cleanroom Chamber for Animal Laboratory

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Quality Assurance & Veterinary

Quality Assurance and Veterinary medical care program

The 15th National Herb Expo participation

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18th-21st July 2018 National Laboratory Animal Center exhibited the projects with Department of Thai Traditional and 

Alternative Medicine, Ministry of Public Health in the 15th National Herb Expo “Global Trust in Thai Herbs and Wisdom” with the concept of “Quality, Efficacy and Safety” at the Challenger Hall 1-2 IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, Nonthaburi. The expo included Wisdom zone, Product zone, and Service zone which National Laboratory Animal Center is one of the important points in the process of pharmaceutical development and health products of the country. National Laboratory Animal Center, Mahidol University was certified on 20th December 2017 and was the first testing facility in Thailand where certified as OECD GLP Animal Testing Facility for Toxicity Studies number 23/58 that capable for health product safety testing.


Welcome to National Laboratory Animal Center

Welcome to the National Laboratory Animal Center, Mahidol University Thailand. We are the first breeding laboratory animal resource in Thailand for promoting laboratory animal science throughout Thailand and to other countries in both public and private sectors. National Laboratory Animal Center is an integral part of Mahidol University.


We maintain the highest possible quality standards by focusing on providing the best laboratory testing, toxicity testing and varieties of strains and quantity of laboratory animals to meet the researchers' demands.


For almost five decades, we have led the way in Thailand in terms of instituting international standards in both laboratory testing, toxicity testing and breeding laboratory animals aspects.